Check out the Husqvarna Devil S Concept – the motorcycle of the future!


Check out the Husqvarna Devil S Concept – the motorcycle of the future!

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You think you've seen everything in life and nothing can surprise you? Then check out Haochen Wei's latest project. It's a motorcycle called the Husqvarna Devil S Concept!

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Is it possible to combine the advantages of a motorcycle and a car in one vehicle? Such an attempt was made 22 years ago by BMW, creating a vehicle called the C1. This time, however, the vision of Japanese designer Haochen Wei is completely different. The Husqvarna Devil S Concept is a bike that won’t have a roof, but on a motorcycle you will sit like in a car

The doors – yes doors – or maybe rather the wings of the Devil S motorcycle open like in a luxury Lamborghini or a crossover from Tesla. The motorcycle then looks like it is about to fly away, no doubt such a design is an eye-catcher. What about the “interior” of the bike? A seat reminiscent of that of sports vehicles with a bucket shape. On the left and right side, the motorcyclist will find touch panels on which numerous functions of the vehicle will be placed. That leaves the problem of the steering wheel, which simply isn’t there; the Husqvarna will likely take care of the driving itself. What about stopping and getting off? Your legs will be inside the vehicle, you won’t prop yourself up, a self-leveling mechanism will work, I think.

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