British brand BSA will come back to life


British brand BSA will come back to life

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The brand was acquired by India's Mahindra in 2016, but only now has it decided on a European expansion

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Although the British brand has not stood the test of time, the Indian billionaire wants to recreate it not only with internal combustion models in mind, but also electric models.

Famous European brands are a unique export commodity. For many years, companies all over the world have been taking over old names in order to gain a foothold in the market. This time it concerns the British motorcycle brand BSA and its acquisition by Mahindre.

The billionaire’s plans are extremely ambitious – as early as 2021, internal combustion engines will be assembled in England under the BSA brand, and the work of the research center located in Banbury will design electric models. The first such BSA-branded motorcycle is expected to be unveiled in late 2021.

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