What are Crash pads? How to use them?

What are Crash pads? How to use them?
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Motorcyclists are prone to minor and major injuries. However, the same is true for a motorcycle. In the event of a possible rollover, the paint of the unicycle can degrade significantly. The protection against such an event are the so-called Crash pads.

In motorcyclists’ parlance, crash pads are elements protecting a motorcycle from damage in case of a possible overturn. The kit is usually special pads and stops that absorb the energy of the motorcycle hitting the ground

Initially, crash pads were recommended for beginner motorcyclists. Now the thinking has changed, because it is not always up to the motorcyclist whether he or she will fall over or not. Following the rule “it’s better to be safe than sorry”, many motorcycles are equipped with such gadgets already in mass production

(photo: pixabay.com)

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