When should a motorcycle engine be overhauled?

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Modern cars and motorcycles are vehicles designed for a designated lifetime, so drivers rarely decide to perform a comprehensive overhaul. What in a situation when we have such a wish?

Modern single-track vehicles are designed in a way that allows even wear and tear of engine components. It is estimated that, on average, after 60-70 thousand kilometers for smaller, or about 100-140 thousand kilometers for larger capacities, the engine mechanisms are on the verge of total wear. It also often happens that the repair of such engines is an unprofitable or breakneck undertaking

The incentive for a comprehensive overhaul of the bike is often the winter season, which is equivalent to a period of inactivity of the vehicle. Six months is more than enough time to bring your little gem up to code. The freedom of extra time for restoration work gives us the opportunity to dismantle, clean and repair the vehicle in no hurry. This is also the time which lovers of motorcycles devote to mechanical processing, painting or, finally, finding the right parts. The laborious work pays off during the next season.

It is extremely important to wash the vehicle thoroughly before attempting to repair it yourself (if the damage is not serious). All repaired parts are sorted, described, photographed and divided into damaged and reusable ones

All right, so when exactly should the renovation be done? To comprehensively discuss the topic of engine overhaul, we need to divide our discussion into two categories – older and newer generation motorcycles.

Older Machines

When it comes to motorcycles manufactured before the year 2000, the matter looks quite different. Inside the engine compartment you will find oversized components, due to the fact that engine designers foresaw the possibility of performing repair operations – such as cylinder grinding. It often happens that you can find oversized pistons, rings, bushings or crankshafts on the market – that is everything you will need when deciding to overhaul the engine unit.

What is more, in contrast to new motorcycles, the systems and mechanisms of aged machines do not wear evenly. Thanks to this we are able to restore a motorcycle with the mileage of over 100 thousand kilometers to full working order

Unfortunately, there is also another side of the coin. Overhauling older motorcycles is very expensive – mainly due to the fact that spare parts for such models are no longer manufactured. Thus, along with rarity, the price of a given system increases proportionally. To top it off, expert labor in this area is not a cheap service – older generation motorcycles need love and time

New motorcycles

As we mentioned – newer generation motorcycles are definitely a tougher nut to crack. The culprit of this situation is, first of all, the current engineering thought of the automotive corporations. The giants of the market design their vehicles in a way that allows for financial continuity of the company. Manufactured motorcycles have a specific expiration date marked in mileage, after which the vehicle will not be fit for further use. The components and systems of the power unit are created to wear out evenly. This all results in an unpleasant situation, when deciding to overhaul the engine, we are forced to replace it

It goes without saying that the cost of such an undertaking oscillates within the limits of several or a dozen thousand zlotys. That is why such procedures are rarely used in new generation motorcycles due to their unprofitability. It is much easier and more economical to buy a new machine. This is how history comes full circle and automotive companies maintain financial continuity by artificially forcing their customers to buy a new bike

Of course, nothing stands in the way of refurbishing a new generation motorcycle – but remember that it involves considerable costs and wasted time. Sometimes it happens that sentiment is much more important than the materialistic world

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