Motorcycle clothing for very warm days – see our suggestions

Motorcycle clothing for very warm days – see our suggestions
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Summer is not the easiest time for motorcyclists, not least because of the need to find a balance between comfort and protective properties of the clothing. What should you follow when choosing motorcycle clothing for summer?

Choosing the right clothing for motorcycle riding is a key issue for any rider. It is the clothing we wear while riding that is our only protective barrier in the event of an accident or a rollover. Any experienced motorcyclist knows full well what an inadequate choice of riding attire can end up with. Even if we are not speeding, a fall in such a situation can end up with massive scratches or scars.

However, there is no denying the fact that in summer it is much more difficult to endure in thick leather clothes created for the best possible protection, and not necessarily for the thermal comfort of the wearer. This makes it unfortunate that people who are particularly sensitive to heat may rely on lighter clothing, although not even a fraction of such protection. This issue is, of course, raised even more often in summer, when temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius are the absolute norm. But are we able to find the golden mean, that is, to combine safety and comfort? It turns out that there is not the slightest problem with this. Here are a few tricks by which manufacturers are able to combine both very important features in their products.

Mesh jackets and pants

Without a doubt, the biggest problem when riding a motorcycle in hot weather is jackets – long sleeves don’t go very well with high temperatures, but there seems to be no doubt that clothing that covers the hands is crucial to a motorcyclist’s entire outfit. But what can protect us from excessive sweating and feeling overheated? Special meshing jackets, which are now very readily available on the market.

Most often, such jackets are made from a combination of special 600D polyester and just meshu, one of the most important characteristics of which is great air permeability. Thanks to this, the jacket provides great ventilation and helps maintain thermal balance. Polyester, on the other hand, provides rain protection, while reinforcements around the shoulders, knees and elbows protect the most sensitive parts of the torso. 

Ensure a helmet with good ventilation

Our body needs to have a way to breathe during an intense ride, and the same applies, of course, to literal breathing. That’s why, when choosing a helmet in which to set off on a summer tour, it’s essential to make sure you get a model that provides a great level of ventilation. Air outlets and inlets will ensure that its circulation is preserved, and we will be able to breathe without problems even in the greatest heat.

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