Gadgets useful for motorcycle travel

Gadgets useful for motorcycle travel
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A successful motorcycle trip is not just a matter of a good vehicle. Equally important are gadgets that will make the route easier and prepare you for any circumstances. You never know what will happen on the road, so it is good to consider all the possibilities. After all, the prudent person is always insured


For longer and shorter trips it is good to consider buying a motorcycle intercom. It’s a solution that will ease the way for any rider, allowing them to contact the person of their choice without having to make a stop or take their hands off the handlebars. Not only does it have to be a phone call with your spouse, but also a conversation with a passenger sitting in the back of the motorcycle or with other riders if you are traveling in a group. Interestingly, the intercom not only provides contact with the world, but also improves the use of navigation and allows you to listen to your favorite music. At https://smart you will find intercoms with a battery life of up to thirty-five hours, which guarantees you a peaceful and safe journey.

Chain oiler

Those who would like to reduce the time spent servicing their motorcycle in favor of longer rides should look around for a chain oiler. It makes life and the daily use of your vehicle much easier. Unlike manually oiling your chain, which is after all necessary for proper motorcycle operation, the operation of a chain oiler is virtually maintenance-free. The frequency of drops falling down can be freely adjusted, so the chain is always clean and the vehicle looks much more aesthetic. Importantly, there is no risk of excess oil ending up in the tire, which is important when it comes to the safety of the rider and other road users.

Clever storage

When you ride a motorcycle, you also need a place to store personal items such as your wallet, documents, phone and even water or a snack. On longer trips, however, you’ll need a place to safely store everything you need for the journey. Lockable trunks are a good option, as they will protect you from unwanted incidents with disappearing items. If you decide to go mainly on shorter trips, stay with fabric side panniers, which are much cheaper and easier to mount on the motorcycle. A good alternative will also be motorcycle backpacks, which you can easily take everywhere with you.

Small gadgets

A powerbank is no longer just a device to charge your phone, tablet or headphones, but also a clever way to start your engine. Powerbanks with starters come with clamps that connect to the battery. It’s always good to have a traditional map with you to plan your route, although there’s no denying the many advantages of smartphone screen navigation. We never know when we will run out of battery and the map will become our last resort. Unless you equip yourself in advance with a motorcycle charger with USB. Then a drained battery on the road will never be a problem again. If you want to be ready for any occasion, it’s good that you also stock up on a tire repair kit, a multitool, and gray repair tape. These three items can save your life on the road when you can’t call for help. Equally crucial on the road may be a headlamp flashlight, which will come in handy in situations where the flashlight on your phone is not enough. The fact that you can wear it on your head gives you two free hands for changing a tire in the dark or helping someone on the road.


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