Buzer – what is it and what does it mean in motorcycle slang?

Buzer – what is it and what does it mean in motorcycle slang?
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Spring is the time when the motorcycle season gains momentum. Both during shorter and longer trips you cannot forget about your safety. What is a buzzer and why should it be included in the equipment of every fan of motorcycles?

What is a buzzer?

Every conscious and responsible motorcyclist should be equipped with a decent helmet, high, stiff boots and appropriately selected trunk protector. A buffer, interchangeably referred to as motorcycle armour, is nothing but an armoured protector. It consists of an elastic mesh and foam layer to which chest, shoulder, elbow and wide spinal protectors are attached. Specially designed construction protects against serious injuries not only on cross but also on asphalt.

Buzer – for whom?

In contrast to light and comfortable motorcycle protectors, the buffer is not particularly popular in summer. However, thanks to the buffer we can count on full protection, which minimizes serious injuries in case of a fall. Motorcycle armour should be of particular interest to motocross and enduro enthusiasts who are particularly exposed to dangerous situations. Despite the low speed, the fall is taken at a much higher angle with minimal frictional force. During every training and competition on demanding, uneven terrain, the force of a fall is much greater, so it is worth investing and strengthening your protection. Wearing a buzzer while riding on the road has both its supporters and opponents. The armor will do a good job of protecting you from hitting rocks from under the wheels of other riders. Some motorcyclists believe that it is useless on the road due to its low friction resistance

How to wear motorcycle armor?

In order for the buffer to serve for a long time, the best solution is to wear it under a jacket or overalls. Such placement will ensure that the protectors will not shift and will stay in place. Thanks to this, the protector will not be in direct contact with the ground during a fall. Otherwise, even a small abrasion may cause the thin mesh to tear and you will have to buy a new model.

Types of buffers

There are many models on the market differing in materials, application and functions. That is why it is worth to carefully analyze which type will work best for us in a particular discipline. You should especially pay attention to the length of the armour, so that it does not overlap the saddle while riding – otherwise it will not only fail to perform its task, but will also hamper movement. Regardless of the choice of manufacturer and model, each buffer should be provided with basic information about the product, infographic concerning the level of protection and the type of protectors.

Buzzers made of plastic

Their construction is based on a durable and hard layer of plastic that protects the chest and back. Comfortable and lightweight models are usually equipped with adjustable suspenders, as well as ventilation holes. An example of a model might be the Acerbis Profile.

Buzzers made of light, cellular technology

Thanks to the use of CELL technology the protector is exceptionally light and adjusts to the figure. Additionally it provides optimal ventilation on hot days. The reinforced plastic layer is covered with foam, which provides comfort and ensures safety. All these features can be found in the Alpinestars Bionic Action.

Hard plastic buzzers with advanced features

This is definitely the top of the line when it comes to armor. The hard plastic construction is combined with foam protectors in key areas. Breathable material thanks to protective mesh will ensure a comfortable ride. A number of necessary functions and settings will allow you to perfectly adjust the buffer to your needs. The flagship model here is the Acerbis Scudo CE 3.0.

Safety is the most important thing

It is worth remembering that in a motorcycle accident, the initial impacts such as bruises, fractures, cuts, as well as slippage that causes abrasions are the source of injuries. Leather outerwear will provide excellent protection from injury, while a buffer will protect bones and internal organs. Thanks to such a combination, we can come out of a serious fall unscathed. Thoughtful investment in motorcycle protection will save time and stress related to later rehabilitation.

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