What oil should I put in my motorcycle? We suggest

What oil should I put in my motorcycle? We suggest
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The right oil is the basis for proper engine operation. On automotive shelves one can find a variety of products of this type, which, as it may seem, at first glance do not differ much from each other. Does price follow quality? How to make sense of this mishmash? We have prepared a discussion of engine oils intended for motorcycles with you in mind!

It is hard to find a motorcyclist who has not asked a similar question in his life. Looking for salvation on internet forums, it is not easy to draw clear conclusions. Most opinions are based on subjective feelings, which in fact is nothing bad. Nevertheless, it is worth at every opportunity to pay attention to studies and tests of manufacturers. It is they that should point the right way


I realize that what I am about to write may seem controversial due to Polish skepticism about manuals. While there is nothing wrong with assembling a new set of furniture from IKEA or a dream Lego set, the case of the internal combustion engine is too important to rely on intuition

Let’s go back to the very beginnings of your motorcycle. When designing the next model, a motorcycle company considers a number of options and selects those that best fit the overall concept and philosophy of the brand. Similarly, when engineers develop a new engine, they select the pump, pan or oil passages with that particular engine oil in mind

So it’s best to consult your owner’s manual and get the knowledge from the source. Only then can you be sure to choose the right oil that perfectly meets your needs and your engine. Nothing simpler, right?


True, but it’s rare to find a motorcycle enthusiast on your road who would take advantage of this obvious solution. One reason for this may be too much choice on store shelves. Not so long ago, when I walked into my local motorcycle store with a smile on my face to buy oil for my new motorcycle, I was taken aback when I saw the endless shelves filled to the brim with different brands of oil, with different markings and fluid types. So what if I was well aware of the dedicated viscosity when there were hundreds of similar products on the shelves?


The most important piece of advice is to go by the label alone and not pay attention to the name or manufacturer. This will tell you what kind of motor oil you are dealing with. Basically, there are three types of oil – mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic. The former will wear out the fastest of the three, but not faster than the manufacturer’s specifications. Semi-synthetic is characterized by greater durability, but is still based on mineral solutions. Synthetic will be by far the most expensive, but it will not be money wasted – synthetics are extremely durable

After each sale of a motorcycle, it is worth drawing the buyer’s attention to the oil poured. It’s easy to make a mistake, and a consultation will be extremely helpful. Thanks to this, motorcycle forums will breathe a sigh of relief at least for a moment after the avalanche of questions flooding them every day

In conclusion, above all, remember to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer and designers. They are the ones who know the most about the technology and components used to build a particular power unit. This will allow you to avoid potential drastic side effects. Use common sense. When visiting your local auto store, focus primarily on the labels of the products available

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