Cruiser protectors – is armor a good option?

Cruiser protectors – is armor a good option?
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Do you love the rides on your cruiser? Surely you want them to be safe? They should also be comfortable, because it’s a touring motorcycle, not a racer. That’s why you should bet on the right attire, find out what protection you need to take care of!

A racer requires from a motorcyclist a professional outfit that will protect his whole body in case of an accident. Is such a suit required for a motorcycle such as a cruiser? Yes. Such motorcycle “armor” has saved the lives and health of many motorcyclists on more than one occasion. It seems, however, that it is not necessary for a cruiser. You can bet on equally safe solutions that, above all, will not hamper your movements so much. They will provide convenience and comfort, but also relative safety. What is the best choice?

Basic protective clothing for a motorcyclist

An important element is the helmet. Should you choose a helmet with protection of the front part of the face or an iconic one, ideal for choppers and cruisers? Definitely the second option will be more suitable, and for several reasons. The most important is the quality of workmanship and the material used in production. We also recommend a face scarf, which will help you control your breathing a bit while riding, especially at higher speeds when the wind blows at high speed. Also, choose a jacket, preferably a leather one. Opt for a professional model with additional safety features. Protectors will be useful in the neck section of the spine and on the elbows

Moving on to pants. Leather here could hinder movement a bit, especially tight-fitting and for men. We recommend denim pants, but again, not the usual kind. An excellent solution will be models lined with original kevlar. When choosing pants, remember that the material should have adequate ventilation. Motorcycle clothing has added ventilation holes, so there should be no problem with this. For a cruiser, it is best to bet on cowboy boots. They look good, are comfortable and adequately durable. They are not cheap, but they are solid, so it is worth investing in them

You cannot forget about additional elements. Leather gloves will also be useful, preferably with cutouts for the fingers and upper part of the hand. They should be light and airy enough to be used in summer. Make sure the gloves have extra protection where the hand and wrist bones will be

Unusual clothing for a cruiser

You’ll find a lot of interesting and unusual options at motorcycle stores. When you plan a longer trip on your cruiser, for example for a few days, it is worth investing in a suit, preferably a rain suit, which you put on over your motorcycle clothes.

We’re talking about a suit consisting of two parts, namely a jacket and pants. Of course, it should be made of waterproof materials. Most often, nylon or polyamide is used. You can bet on just a jacket or a set – it all depends on you. It is important to remember that it will not be an everyday rain suit. It’s a fitted model, tailored for riding. At your disposal is also a “blanket” for legs. Also in a waterproof version. This thermal cover provides protection against cold and rain. It is worth to think about buying it if you belong to the frosty ones


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