What to take on your first motorcycle trip? Here are our ideas!

What to take on your first motorcycle trip? Here are our ideas!
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Are you going on your first long motorcycle trip? Have you already booked accommodation, prepared the places you want to see? This is not all! It is worth having a few extremely useful things with you, especially in emergency situations.

When going on a trip, remember that life writes different scenarios. Here are the things you should have with you when you set out!

  1. Cash – it’s not so obvious, because many of us only use credit cards. This is a mistake, because you may find that the terminal at the nearest station is broken, or you have no way to pay for a restaurant. Reserve cash is always a precaution. Don’t leave home without it!
  2. Map – say there’s GPS and other location-based devices? Technology can let you down when you least expect it. Take a map with you, especially if you are not familiar with the areas you are traveling to.
  3. A list of addresses and phone numbers for hotels, insurance, support services and loved ones – if you find that your phone battery dies and you need to contact someone urgently, a list of key numbers kept in your wallet will be extremely important.
  4. Registration card – oho ! After all, you don’t need to carry it with you! Indeed, the proof is not necessary, but if you are moving near the border and want to leave Poland, it is better to have it with you. In many countries (e.g. Germany) it is necessary. It may also come in handy e.g. in case of repairs or if you need to use your policy.
  5. First aid kit – minor injuries may occur during minor repairs. You can quickly neutralize them by using a first aid kit. It is worth investing in it!

And what are your recipes for motorcycle survival kit?

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