Motorcycle stops – what rules should you follow to make them fun?

Motorcycle stops – what rules should you follow to make them fun?
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A long journey, while relaxing, requires a break at some point. What rules should you follow to make the stop enjoyable?

Take care of your body

Virtually anyone can become a car driver, regardless of fitness and physical condition. Not so when it comes to a motorcycle. We use our whole body to drive a motorcycle. Therefore, proper preparation and training is necessary, especially for longer journeys. It is good to do some kind of activity every day, e.g. going to a gym, swimming pool, practicing tennis or team games, as they provide a comprehensive improvement of our physical condition. Stretching is also very important. We can also spend at least a moment stretching when we stop, because on a motorcycle we practically stay in one position all the time. Thanks to these rules, when we get off the machine, the stop will actually be a pleasant rest, not a painful one.

Remember the basics

In order not to expose ourselves to unnecessary problems, we should make sure before planning a stop that we can stop at a certain place at all. It seems trivial, but sometimes you can forget, especially if you are abroad. It is a waste of money to pay fines. We should also remember to know where our wallet, cell phone and other such important items are at all times. It is best to keep them always in the same place and of course with you, for example in your pocket or backpack. Do not leave them by the motorcycle when you want to get away from it. Let’s also properly secure the motorcycle itself.

Necessary or unnecessary?

Due to limited luggage space we do not have to think about what to take and what not to take. Before a trip we pack everything we can, whether it is necessary or not. Many of these things later turn out to be unnecessary. In the case of single-track is not such a possibility (or maybe it is a problem?). We are able to take only what is necessary for us. Sometimes it happens that the road itself is the goal of the journey, then we should equip ourselves with items that will make our stops more pleasant. We are talking about provisions, because we will not always find a restaurant or a gas station on the way. Warm tea in a thermos will certainly be a relief on cold days. It is important to be properly dressed, depending on the season. We should also remember to take a raincoat with us. The practical things we should take for sure are spare bulbs and fuses. You should also take spare bulbs and fuses. You may also need some plugs or tape for small repairs.

The vehicle itself is also important

To avoid unnecessary stress, problems on the road and not to think about faults or repairs or – what is worse – not to deal with them, we should prepare the motorcycle for the trip. We can leave it a few days earlier at the workshop for inspection. On the other hand, if we are sure about the mechanical efficiency of our machine, let’s take care of the absolute basics, such as tire pressure, efficiency of all bulbs, checking the condition of the chain and brakes. Then, during the stop, we won’t even think that something could be wrong with our vehicle. We will be able to relax, eat or admire the views without unnecessary stress.

Good preparation is the basis for a successful stop!

Everyone wants their trips and journeys to be pleasant, without stress and nerves. After all, this is supposed to be a break from the – in most cases – gray reality of everyday life. We do not need negative events. It is worth remembering these few rules, which will make both the trip and its inseparable element – stops – more pleasant. Let’s remember to prepare the motorcycle before the trip, to pack the necessary and useful things, to plan the trip properly so as not to waste time on it later, to prepare physically and secure the money and documents. Then for sure our trip will be as we dreamed.


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