What meals are worth eating during motorcycle touring trips?

What meals are worth eating during motorcycle touring trips?
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Motorcycle tours are very taxing on our bodies. Check out what’s best to eat and drink to stay fit during them!

Long routes, no matter what vehicle we use for this, are quite a challenge for both the machine and ourselves. We will certainly never forget to properly prepare our motorcycle, as well as check that all systems are working as they should. However, our body is also a very complicated machine that needs the right fuel to function properly. Particularly at times of increased exertion, and a long motorcycle tour definitely fits into such a framework.

When embarking on a journey that will take us several, several hours, or perhaps even more, we need to prepare properly for it, for example, in the context of having adequate food or hydration on hand. This will prevent a situation where we will starve in the middle of nowhere or struggle with dehydration. But what should we pay attention to when choosing the things we will eat on the road?

Carbohydrates a very important issue

To be able to maintain maximum concentration and strength throughout the trip, we obviously need a lot of energy. What will give us the most? Carbohydrates, of course. The best diet is, of course, a balanced one, but keep in mind that they are largely responsible for providing us with strength. They give us a long-lasting boost of energy, so we will be able to perform at full capacity for longer. 

To eat well, we don’t need to lug portable stoves with us. For example, it is a very good idea to prepare ourselves sandwiches with ingredients we like. This will give us a dose of all the most important micronutrients. Bread or roll is a very important source of carbohydrates, eggs or cold cuts will provide us with protein, and cheese in a reasonable amount is also fat, which is also very important, if of course we consume it in reasonable amounts. And as snacks we can use fruits or favorite sweets, which will give us a boost of energy thanks to their high sugar content.

How to hydrate on the road? Water is not everything

Food alone is not the only thing we should keep in mind when it comes to motorcycle routes. Taking in adequate fluids is also a very important factor. Dehydration of the body will not allow us to maintain full concentration on the trip, and will also make us weak. 

Of course, in this case, a large supply of water will be very important, so that we will not have to worry about water shortages. However, this does not mean that we do not have to consider other substitutes. For longer journeys, for example, isotonic drinks can be invaluable – they taste really good, contain a lot of key micronutrients for our bodies, and on top of that are created to be well absorbed in the body!

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