How to wash a motorcycle?

How to wash a motorcycle?
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Every vehicle requires care and proper maintenance to function properly. Winter is slowly approaching and the motorcycle season is coming to an end. The weather is less and less conducive to road trips, so it is time to slowly prepare your baby for winter sleep. See how to properly wash your motorcycle before putting it in the garage

Use the right products

Motorcycle bodywork cannot be washed with just anything. You need the right cosmetics as well as cloths and towels to avoid damage to the paint and corrosion. Automotive preparations contain ingredients formulated to protect the car body from moisture, scratches and tarnishing. Well-chosen cosmetics for a motorcycle will also protect it against corrosion and the formation of unsightly tarnishes and stains. A well washed motorcycle looks like new – it is shiny, the paint color is brought out and highlighted, and all elements are cleaned of dust and dirt. In addition to cleaning the exterior of the motorcycle, it’s also a good idea to take care of the interior, which means topping up the fluids, oil, checking the condition of the engine, brakes and so on. Automotive chemicals help the motorcycle to function properly and healthily, cool and lube the engine, maintain the parts of the machine that need extra care. Many people forget to clean the internal parts of the motorcycle as well, which can cause problems with continued use once the new season begins

Use gentle materials

For cleaning and polishing paint never, under any circumstances, use paper towels, which are the bane of all painted surfaces. Their irregular and quite rough structure causes microscopic scratches in the enamel, making it lose its shine, become dull and more susceptible to damage. Use only a soft, gentle cotton, bamboo fiber or microfiber cloth to wash your motorcycle. These materials are excellent at attracting and binding dirt from the bodywork and are very safe for the paint and will not scratch it. They are also suitable for sweeping the motorcycle of sand and dust, because the dirt particles penetrate the fibres of the cloth and do not remain on the surface, where they could damage the paint and bodywork. Especially on a new motorcycle that you can buy from, the quality and shine of the paint is stunning. Every proud owner of a new vehicle wants to maintain this effect for as long as possible, so it would be a shame to damage and tarnish the paint over such a small thing as the wrong choice of wash cloth

Thoroughly dry the entire motorcycle

After the last wash of the season, before putting your motorcycle in the garage, very thoroughly dry all of its components with towels or old cotton t-shirts. Remember to clean all seals, bends and nooks of the bodywork to prevent corrosion. Unfortunately, rust is one of the hardest judgments on motorcycles and cars. It is difficult to stop its spread and often such a mistake ends up with the replacement of the entire component. The garage is an unheated place where moisture and low temperatures are common. This is a truly explosive mix for metal vehicle components. Inadequate drying of the motorcycle after washing can lead to the development of the initial stages of corrosion, which will continue throughout the winter, aggravated by the cold weather

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