Safe and comfortable motorcycle boots – how to choose the best model?

Safe and comfortable motorcycle boots – how to choose the best model?
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There are a few pieces of motorcyclist equipment that you can’t forget about. Of course, the first place is always a helmet that protects the head. Then, without a doubt, there are the boots – they must be chosen according to the preferred riding style and conditions, as well as the type of motorcycle. What to bet on?

Size, height and gender – choosing motorcycle boots

In fact, the best way to choose a boot for your foot is to measure it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Then, match the length to the length of the insoles on the website of the company where you buy your particular pair of boots. It’s important to note that motorcycle boots should fit properly, they can’t be too loose. What about the height? There are boots that reach just past the ankle, and there are some that go up to the knee. Without a doubt, the taller ones provide better leg protection. However, walking in them, as well as putting them on can be compared to punishment. However, the division is simple – high boots for sports models and for the road, and low boots for the city!

Importantly, the differences in the construction of shoes for men and women have recently begun to emerge. A correlation has been proven between the fact that shoes fitted to women’s feet and those fitted to men’s feet help to shift gears better, are more comfortable, but also more durable. They don’t get damaged as quickly as universal models.

Boots for different motorcycles – not such an easy choice!

For a sports motorcycle it is best to wear boots quite high, even up to the calf area. They should be adequately stiff, have sliders and protect shin and ankles well. Unfortunately their minus is very high price. In case of tourist models, it’s better to go for universal versions, that is slightly above the ankle. What’s more, it doesn’t really matter what kind of boots you put on the road, the important thing is that they are comfortable, after all, you have long hours of riding ahead of you

What about boots for motorcyclists, who drive the vehicle on even asphalt, only to immediately descend into the potholed and crooked dirt roads? This is where manufacturers who create adventure type boots come to the rescue. These are not heavy, typical off-road models, but lighter and less built-up. Their main advantage is an additional tread, which will come in handy when the terrain gets really tough. What is more, most often adventure boots come in a waterproof version, which will be appreciated by people driving in early spring or autumn. While shopping, pay attention to the protectors, they cannot be missing. Protectors are very important on difficult terrain, and manufacturers sometimes forget about them

Shoes for city motorcycle should be low, the same as shoes for summer. All for the sake of comfort from riding. After all, at low speeds, your leg in a shoe designed for a sport motorcycle would overheat. What’s more, you’re riding around town for a purpose, maybe you want to do some shopping, for example? Can you imagine walking around a store in knee-high boots? For those who own a cruiser, the best choice would be cowboy boots made of leather, possibly with chrome elements. The main disadvantage of this solution is the lack of protectors. So it’s worth to make them at least stiff, they will provide minimum protection for your feet and ankles. Of course, the choice of motorcycle footwear is entirely up to you!

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