Preparing a motorcycle for winter – our TOP5

Preparing a motorcycle for winter – our TOP5
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The end of the motorcycle season is fast approaching. It is time to think about how to protect the motorcycle against the inevitable stay in the garage.

We also debunk a few myths about storing a motorcycle in a garage. Here they are:

  1. Do your maintenance and changes before winter – If you leave your unicycle in the garage, think about changing the oil, filters and all the consumable components at the end of the season. This way you’ll remove the old grease and the new one will be able to instantly oil all the components after the start.
  2. Fill up the motorcycle – the tank and fuel system should be full of gasoline. Otherwise, you are exposing the bike to corrosion and damage.
  3. Thoroughly wash your motorcycle – thorough washing is important not only for aesthetic reasons. Left over dirt may lead to significant corrosion. This is better avoided as the damage may be irreversible
  4. Disconnect and secure the battery – if left unattended, a battery can lose its properties and in addition lead to self-ignition! Ideally, remove the battery completely and cover it with an additional heating cover. This way the motorcycle will start immediately in the spring.
  5. Find a convenient place in the garage – remember that the machine cannot just lie there, in any place in the garage. It is best to additionally shield the whole thing from dust and frost. In this way, you will protect your motorcycle against dangerous weather conditions which can have a destructive effect on equipment even in a closed room!


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