All-season off-road tires – what to keep in mind when buying them?

All-season off-road tires – what to keep in mind when buying them?
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Tires for typical off-road vehicles are very different from those for passenger cars. They have an aggressive tread and slightly different properties. What should be taken into account when choosing all-season tyres? Which models are worth buying?

Off-road tires – characteristics

Each original off-road tire consists of a carcass, i.e. an inner skeleton. Here we distinguish two options, diagonal models, i.e. with a carcass made of several layers of fabric laid at an angle of less than 90 degrees, or radial, where the carcass is at an angle of 90 degrees. Of course, off-road tires are also distinguished by their tread, where the grooves (number, depth, width) are responsible for evacuating water, providing traction on loose ground or clearing the tire of mud and stones.

We can’t forget about the sipes (number), which also help to evacuate water and improve traction, while the ribs (shape and number) contribute to the stability of the car when driving straight. Here are a few words about the two types of off-road tires.

Diagonal tires

Bias-ply models are characterized by higher sidewall resistance, lower load capacity and lower steering precision. What’s more, they have poorer adhesion to the ground and higher fuel consumption, but at the same time they are more comfortable to ride on very bad surfaces.

Radial tire

With radial tires, we are dealing with models that are very close to the ground, providing a high level of comfort and the ability to reach higher speeds. However, you can’t have everything, radial off-road tires are less resistant to wear

Why go for all-season off-road tires?

All-terrain tires will perform well in rough terrain, great in mud and higher water. They are fitted to off-road vehicles of course, and possibly to 4×4 SUVs, but they are not really all-terrain tyres as they are more like traditional off-road tyres. If you are looking for tires for one of the off-road giants, including Nissan Patrol, Toyota Land Cruiser or Mitsubishi Pajero, bet on all-season off-road tires.

These are relatively new offerings that offer very good quality performance whether you’re traveling through snow or mud. Choose them based on the previous information about the ribs, sipes and grooves – the tread absolutely must be deep and provide effective drainage of water and mud regardless of the conditions.

Examples of popular all-season off-road tire models

One of the leaders in the off-road tire market is the BFGoodrich brand, providing a number of truly noteworthy all-season models. We encourage you to review all of its All-Terrain productions. We cannot forget about Nokian Tyres, which also has a lot to say in the matter of all-season tires, after all it is a premium brand – the Rotiiva series of this Finnish manufacturer deserves attention. We recommend reviewing tires from Matador MP72 Izzarda and Bridgestone Dueler. You should find a model that meets your expectations and financial possibilities.

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