Phone charger for motorcycle – how to buy the best one?

Phone charger for motorcycle – how to buy the best one?
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A phone charger while riding a motorcycle can prove to be an invaluable support. However, what type of it should we look for?

While riding any vehicle, we should not use the phone unless we do it in a legal way. Most often, however, we end up with a special wireless handset that allows us to answer or reject calls without reaching for our smartphone. The phone, however, does not have to serve us only to browse social media or write messages while driving. For with its help, for example, we are able to use navigation, which can be helpful in really many cases – no matter if we are maneuvering around the city, or maybe we need help during a longer route.

No wonder then that phone holders for motorcycles are so popular. Such equipment is most often used for navigation or… charging the phone. So what options do we have when it comes to motorcycle chargers?

Phone charger for motorcycle – preferably mounted in the holder

Using a car charger, we will most often use the cigarette lighter socket or built-in USB ports, if we are talking about newer models. What, on the other hand, is left for motorcycles? The most common option here is a mount, which already has a built-in USB port at the start. For it to work, we simply need to configure it properly, so that the battery in our unicycle is able to power this type of socket without any problems. In this way we are able to connect our smartphone and not worry that it will be discharged halfway.

However, it is worth remembering that a good smartphone holder for a motorcycle should, by the way, also have other important functions. It is important, for example, to implement a special cover, thanks to which our phone will be protected from rain or splashing, which could damage the casing. It is worth remembering, however, that a good cover of this type will allow us to continue using the phone, for example, while stationary. Again, we remind you – do not use the phone while driving!

Induction charger in a motorcycle mount – does it make sense?

Some newer generation phones are equipped with inductive charging. Of course, this is no longer a novelty on the market, but still only flagship models can afford such technology. So what if you own such a phone, and you want to reduce the number of tangled cables to zero while driving? A great option then will be to purchase a special motorcycle mount with an inductive charger. This way, when placing our phone in the holder, charging will start automatically. This is really a great convenience, if, of course, our phone supports such a function.


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