How to choose panniers for your motorcycle?

How to choose panniers for your motorcycle?
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Motorcycle owners like to equip their machines with stylish and practical accessories which increase the comfort of travelling. One of such gadgets are motorcycle panniers. What are they, what are their advantages and what should be taken into account when choosing one?

What are panniers?

Panniers are a budget version of a carrier, which is mounted on both sides of a vehicle. It is a convenient solution for carrying small items. A set consists of two pieces. When setting off, both panniers should be loaded with similar weight so that the vehicle’s center of gravity is not disturbed. Their additional advantage is that, in case of rain, they create additional protection for the driver’s legs.

For whom are panniers designed?

Panniers are an indispensable piece of equipment for every single bike and travel enthusiast. They are perfect for both weekend trips and longer routes. It is a good solution for people with few machines, because panniers can be successfully moved from one vehicle to another.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle panniers?

Motorcycle panniers are a universal solution which can be used on different models of motorcycles. They are quite a popular accessory, that is why you can find a large number of available models on the market. This gadget is not only practical but also gives the motorcycle an interesting and stylish character.

An unquestionable advantage of motorcycle panniers is their easy assembly and disassembly. Both processes can be carried out without interfering with the structure of the motorcycle. Panniers are also characterized by high durability and safety. In case of overturn they are more likely to survive than, for example, a plastic trunk and, moreover, they will not cause injuries if one of them hits a motorcyclist.

An important advantage of panniers, which also influences their functionality, is the fact that, after unhooking them from the motorcycle, you can usually take them in your hand and carry as a regular bag, which is a particularly good solution if you want to spend a night in a hotel. We do not have to take out all the contents of the carrier and we can easily take all the luggage with us

Other advantages of panniers are low weight, relatively big capacity and attractive price. The disadvantage of motorcycle panniers is that in case of fall they do not protect the contents as well as for example in case of a trunk. Moreover they don’t have anti-theft systems – you don’t even need a key to open them. They are usually equipped with simple bindings, allowing only to cover the contents.

What to consider when choosing panniers for a motorcycle?

Individual models of motorcycle panniers significantly differ in price. This is mainly due to quality of manufacturing and functionality of the model. When choosing panniers for yourself it is worth to follow one, most important criterion – the type of material. Depending on your needs you can choose leather or fabric panniers.

Leather panniers

The advantage of leather panniers is their design. They add a rock burr to every single bike. More and more often leather models appear in unusual shapes or with interesting ornaments, usually made of studs.

Leather panniers are stiffened inside. Their biggest disadvantage is their relatively low resistance to weather conditions – leather exposed to prolonged exposure to strong sun or rain can get damaged over time. Leather panniers are best suited for choppers as they are a perfect match for their style.

Textile panniers

Textile panniers do not usually have so many decorations but still look very nice on a motorcycle. They are often made of weather or moisture resistant materials, so in this respect they are more durable than leather ones

When choosing panniers for your motorcycle, it is worth to pay attention whether the model you are interested in is equipped with the possibility of regulation, so you can enlarge or reduce them depending on your needs

Motorcycle trips can be unpredictable, so it is good to be prepared for any eventuality and have appropriately packed baggage. Motorcycle panniers are a versatile and functional solution that will surely hold all the clothes, food or accessories you need during your trip.


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