How do I control the chain tension?

How do I control the chain tension?
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The chain on a motorcycle should have proper alignment and tension. It affects the efficiency and safety of riding. Do you want to learn how to control this parameter and how to check whether this part in the motorcycle worked properly? In this case, it is necessary to read our guide

Chain tension adjustment – what should you remember?

It is worth knowing how to adjust the chain tension in the motorcycle step by step. First of all, you need to remove the pin from the rear axle. Then you can proceed to loosen the rear axle nut. This is necessary to move the rear wheel axle. In the next move, you need to make two turns of the nut so that you can check the chain tension. The next step is to move the rear axle towards the engine. Tensioners will work great for this. Before screwing on the nut, it is a good idea to lightly tap the wheel, and then tighten the nut. After this procedure the chain in the motorcycle should be properly tensioned

How to properly check the chain tension in a motorcycle?

When adjusting the chain in the motorcycle, it is important to remember that it is very important to align the sprockets. Why is this so important? Because only then the front and rear wheels will move in the same track.

How to check the chain play?

When checking the chain tension in the motorcycle, you can not forget to check the slack. How to do it? It is not as complicated as it seems. At first, it is necessary to rotate the rear wheel and press the chain upwards with the other hand. This way you can find the place where the chain is not properly tightened. It is worth knowing that the chain may wear unevenly over time, so that its operation will not be correct. If this happens, the part will need to be replaced.

What are the marks on the chain?

You should know what the markings on your chain mean. The chain is marked with three digits. The first digits indicate the inner width of the bush. There are really many types of chains and when choosing one you should pay attention not only to the markings, but also to the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is best to choose such chains, which are recommended by the manufacturer, to make sure that they will work properly and provide the highest safety while riding.

It turns out that checking chain tension on a motorcycle is not as difficult as it may seem. You just need to know what are the most important steps and which chain is recommended for a particular model of a motorcycle.


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