Cruiser straight from China – what deals can you find?

Cruiser straight from China – what deals can you find?
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Do you want to have a touring motorcycle in your collection, which will make covering any route easy and pleasant? Are you looking for an attractive offer thanks to which you will get a Cruiser in perfect condition?

Take a look at our guide and find out everything you need to know. Choosing a motorcycle will become easier and you will avoid unattractive offers

Cruiser – what should you know about it?

Before you start browsing the offers on the Internet, you should find out why it is so popular. This is a type of motorcycle that was created for touring. Its characteristics are:

  • low position of the rider’s seat,
  • handlebars extended toward the rear of the motorcycle.
  • lack of complex bodywork.

All this makes it possible for the rider to assume an upright and comfortable position while riding. Thanks to this it is easy to overcome even a long route. Minimalist bodywork makes the engine perfectly visible, which is a big advantage for lovers of this type of machines. Usually, chrome elements are visible in cruisers

It is worth knowing that their heart is a forked engine. Drivers who have a Cruiser motorcycle in their collection often decide to buy additional equipment, such as panniers, windscreens or mudguards. Thanks to them riding becomes easier as you can take more luggage with you

Cruiser – at what price can you buy it?

On popular websites you can find many auctions. However, it is worth knowing which models to pay attention to. According to us, the most interesting models are

1. Kymco Xciting 400i – this is a popular model, which is recognized not only for its appearance, but also for its parameters. This is a great offer for beginners who want to have in their garage a timeless machine perfect for touring.

2 .JUNAK 126 – is a model with character. It is available with a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, thanks to which riding will become a pure pleasure. This is one of the unicycles that allows you to ride comfortably, safely and quickly.

3. Sym WOLF 125 – one of the most popular models, which is popular due to its appearance and parameters. It arouses the interest of both beginners and experienced motorcyclists.

The above-mentioned proposals can be easily found on popular auction sites. Many of them can be bought for about 15-30 thousand. However, it is worth remembering that the lower the price, the higher the probability that there is something wrong with the machine

What to pay attention to when choosing a motorcycle?

There are several important aspects to pay special attention to when buying a Cruiser from China. What counts, of course, is what mileage it has and what technical condition it is in. You should check if it does not need repairs, was not involved in an accident, and also if there are no traces of rust on the parts of the motorcycle.

If you are importing a motorcycle from China, it is best to opt for the help of a transport company. This will save you nerves and a lot of time, and in addition you will not have to travel to China in search of your dream motorcycle. All you have to do is to choose a vehicle transport company and then determine at what price you want to buy a new or used vehicle. Specialists will choose the best offer for you and take care of transport.

Buying your dream Cruiser does not have to be as difficult and complicated as it seems. Just choose a specific model and determine the price you are able to spend on it, and then entrust in the hands of specialists its purchase and transport. Using the help of a transport company is an additional cost, but thanks to this we can save time and a lot of nerves.


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