How to choose a front mudguard for a cruiser?

How to choose a front mudguard for a cruiser?
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Upsets while riding a motorcycle are unfortunately a part of the vehicle’s character. However, a safety paddock can help. How to choose them properly?

What exactly is a gmole?

People who are not very familiar with the motorcycle subject may wonder what exactly a gmole is. It is a name that sounds rather peculiar, perhaps even funny to some. However, these are special frames made of a tube, usually covered with an additional layer of chromium. Their use is not, however, associated with visual values – their role is much more important.

Gmole are a type of shield. In the first place, they are able to protect the motorcycle itself from damage in case of falls – usually the smaller ones, such as a fall of the machine at a standstill, although this does not mean that they are not able to help during overturns on the road. Another very important function is also engine protection. Gmol acts as a shield and if you overturn, it will be able to absorb some of the force, protecting relatively delicate components. A gmole is most often used on enduro motorcycles, where you land on the ground very often, and also on cruisers, classic motorcycles designed to cover long distances. These are the bikes where chrome is most commonly used, while enduro bikes tend to use parts painted to match the color of the machine.

How to choose gmolos for a cruiser?

Today let’s focus on cruiser gmolos and their proper selection. The first dilemma we have to face is the right size of the gmol. The most common sizes we will encounter in case of these elements are 2-3 centimeters in cross-section. Smaller gmole will not give us too good protection, while the larger ones will be simply too heavy, but this does not mean that you can not use them. 

Besides, weight is an extremely important factor when it comes to motorcycles. Even a few kilograms to one side or the other can make a big difference here. The brake pads may weigh several or even over a dozen kilograms. So it is worth making sure that you find a perfect compromise between weight and durability of the gmole. 

You can also decide whether you will choose a soft or hard gmole. Soft ones will absorb impact energy better, but they will be less durable. The hard ones will not be as energy-absorbing but will be more durable, which makes it much harder to break them – and a broken gmol can do some damage during an accident.

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