The most interesting cruisers for beginners – see our suggestions

The most interesting cruisers for beginners – see our suggestions
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Not for everyone a motorcycle is to be associated with dizzying speeds and seat-pressing acceleration. 

Many people want to enjoy riding in a different way, and for them cruiser-type unicycles have been created. Do you think it’s time to get your first motorcycle of this kind? If so, check out your options.

Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 Iron

A rumbling, vibrating and warming Harley under your house? It’s possible, and mostly for much less money than you might think. The Sportster 883 Iron model has a unit with a bubbling character, but that doesn’t stop this motorcycle from accelerating in a really nimble and dynamic way. The unicycle itself is not overly heavy, and this is extremely interesting, since most of the construction was made of metal. Of course, this is another advantage, because the less plastic, the more durable the vehicle. Even slightly physically weaker riders will be able to tame this machine, as the manufacturer decided to place the center of gravity surprisingly low.

Yamaha XVS 950

This time Yamaha. The very classic form of this motorcycle is also sure to appeal to those who dream of unicycles as traveled in American films of the last century. The engine here is relatively powerful, as 950 cubic centimeters in a cruiser can be impressive. Nonetheless, the power delivery has been tuned for what this vehicle offers. Above all, you can count on a smooth, but at the same time relatively dynamic ride, and you still won’t scare other traffic participants with uncontrolled driving situations. 

You can also count on having no trouble when cornering, because this model uses an extremely stable chassis. It’s worth mentioning that Yamaha offers a series of signature accessories that will make you a hundred percent customized motorcycle.

Honda CTX700 DCT

This time the weakest of this list is the Honda CTX700 DCT. It’s worth noting at the outset that this vehicle may not appeal to everyone, and this is due to its downright shocking design. Nevertheless, let’s focus on what Honda offers. First of all, the engine with DCT automatic transmission, which makes you feel the torque already at the lowest revs lifting the speed at an alarming rate. Don’t worry, though, because you can count on a very pleasant, stress-free ride. The automatic transmission works downright perfectly. Another of the advantages is the combustion, reaching up to 4 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, and that’s with a not-so-smooth ride.

Harley-Davidson Street 750

Another stallion from the Harley-Davidson stable, this time the Street 750 model, very inexpensive for the brand. Importantly, in this version you won’t get a bubbling engine, which, however, will probably be a downright savior for many people. The unit used in this case is based on the high-revving engine from the V-Rod. Although it is a cruiser, the joy of cornering will put a smile on your face. Well, and don’t forget about the high torque, this unit really likes to spin, which will also affect your riding pleasure. 

Do you have suggestions for cruisers for beginners that we haven’t included here? Let us know in the comments.

main photo: Simonov

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