You’re starting out on a small motorcycle adventure – don’t forget that!

You’re starting out on a small motorcycle adventure – don’t forget that!
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The technique of riding a small motorcycle, which you can drive on a B category is crucial in starting an adventure with a motorcycle. You can’t get discouraged, because it will affect your further riding. Learn the rules for successfully navigating a 125 in the urban thicket.

Here are 5 most important rules you should follow

  1. Be confident – you have a license, so you know the rules and how to apply them. Don’t be afraid to drive, start at intersections or navigate a traffic circle. Confidence is key, otherwise fear will prevent you from driving.
  2. Before taking to the street, ride your motorcycle on neutral ground – take your equipment to a vacant lot. You need to get to know the unicycle properly in order to get out on the road. Not only turning, but also shifting gears and starting are crucial.
  3. Don’t make any sudden manoeuvres or accelerate too hard – it’s a breeze, but don’t take any risks on your first rides. Choose roads that are not very busy, to get used to the driving style. When turning, don’t make sudden movements and determine a comfortable position. By the way, remember to always have two fingers on the brake and clutch. This way you protect yourself in an emergency.
  4. Watch the road – novice drivers (of cars or motorcycles) often forget that they have mirrors and turn signals. You need to think while driving. Don’t lock your head while driving forward. You need to relax and look in your mirrors and to the side.
  5. Don’t charge! – Are you afraid to pass a column of cars or overtake a tractor? Don’t force yourself! Only experience will allow you to perform more advanced manoeuvres on the road. Don’t squeeze into a traffic jam.


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