Pekelné Doly – the Czech mecca for motorcyclists

Pekelné Doly – the Czech mecca for motorcyclists
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The Czech sandstone caves are home to an incredible place that every motorcyclist should visit. It is the Motoklub Pekelné Doly (Hell’s Mines), which is a place of recreation and sport for fans of motorcycles.

The club is located in mountain caves. Its symbol is a bat, symbolizing the closing and opening caves. The site provides a unique motorsport venue for motorcycle fans – a track located in a special mountain tunnel.

In the underground bar there are organized events for motorcyclists. For the fans of stronger drinks the motoclub has prepared numerous accommodation places. The owners focus not only on entertainment but also on promoting safe driving. Special lectures are organized on the spot, and the motto of the complex is “jezdi v klidu” – drive carefully!

We encourage you to visit this place. It is only 90 kilometers away from the Polish border. It is worth it!

(Photo: Marcus O. Bst, Pekelné Doly, Hell’s Mine (Bikers’ Cave), Cvikov, CZ)

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