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Hybrids: Kawasaki has patented the name E-BOOST. Is this the beginning of a new era?
Brice Halsey May 6, 2021
This sends a clear signal to brand enthusiasts that Kawasaki is looking to the future
Kawasaki paves the way – working on a tricycle
Brice Halsey January 20, 2021
What we do know is that Kawasaki's tricycle will be equipped with a traditional front suspension fork, which will combine the mechanism responsible fo
Touring motorcycles – what is worth knowing about them?
Brice Halsey January 18, 2021
Discover touring motorcycles - a chance for relaxation, quiet and safe riding and unique style. What is worth knowing about such motorcycles?
Turning a heavy motorcycle – what to look for?
Brice Halsey December 14, 2020
Learn reliable ways that will significantly help you to get used to a heavy motorcycle. After reading our guide, the road will become even more frien
2020 Kawasaki Z650 – power packed with electronics!
Brice Halsey October 7, 2020
The WMS show may be conquered by the Z650 from the Kawasaki stable. This midsize motorcycle has what fans of modern motoring love: a dynamic engine an
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