the 10 most important concepts for a motorcyclist

the 10 most important concepts for a motorcyclist
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A beginner motorcyclist faces a much more difficult task than buying his or her first bike – it will require in-depth research and understanding of motorcycles. To help you through this process, we’ve put together an overview of the most important terms for the beginning motorcycle enthusiast

Highway to Hell

Wind in your hair, open roads, roaring engine and freedom – these are the aspects that attract fresh fanatics of motorcycles. For many of us, buying a motorcycle is our first ever experience with such vehicles. When the first emotions subside, it is worthwhile to get to know the subject and learn about motorcycles from the inside. This will allow for more pleasant operation – the biggest advantage of motorcycles is the ability to repair any fault in the comfort of your own garage. Professional knowledge combined with practice will certainly bear fruit in the future.


We will start with the mechanical and technical issue of a motorcycle drive. I will focus on the types we distinguish and the types of transmission that deserve special attention.


This is the first of three transmission options for motorcycle engines. Drive belts consist of the following components: belt back (made of synthetic rubber), cord (a load-bearing element that provides tensile and heat resistance), belt teeth (transmit the drive force from the engine to the passive element), and protective coating (a fabric covering the teeth to reduce friction and strengthen the tooth structure)

While the belt provides great flexibility and resistance to heat, the materials it is constructed from are exposed to chemicals such as oils, greases, fuels, solvents and silicones.


This is the most common type of power transmission used in automotive engines. Chain links consist of thin steel plates jointed to a pin. The biggest disadvantage of a chain is the change in the distance of the drive sprocket axles. This problem does not occur only on motorcycles with rigid rear wheel suspension. Too much or too little chain play can wreak havoc on the transmission, drive bearings, or entire engine block.

Cardan shaft

The last option doesn’t appeal to many motorcyclists as much as the lighter and less expensive chain. Nevertheless, the cardan shaft is my recommended option because of its maintenance-free and long-life. Maintenance only requires oil changes according to the service interval. Nowadays, thanks to its closed construction and incorporation into the swingarm, the cardan shaft is additionally protected against damage and dirt.

Drive unit

The engine is the most important component of any motorcycle – so it’s useful to know the fundamental concepts associated with this component. By definition, internal combustion engines use the compression and expansion of gases to produce torque

Indirect injection

Indirect injection systems cause problems for designers due to less control over the mixture, which translates into difficulty in achieving the desired results. In an indirect injection system the fuel is directed into a pre-chamber located in the cylinder head near the valves, the shape of which is intended to facilitate mixing of the fuel and air.

Direct injection

Direct injection is mainly characterized by lower fuel consumption and higher combustion noise. However, designers developed specially shaped piston crowns, which henceforth acted as a swirl chamber. The fuel dose could therefore be directly directed into the cylinder.


This type of engine is characterized by its simple design and its lightweight and compact construction. Moreover, these engines lack the typical fuel pump timing because the mixture is drawn in by the movement of the piston. Fuel – a mixture of gasoline and oil – is responsible for lubrication. Disadvantages include higher fuel consumption, lower efficiency and constant oil consumption.


Four-stroke engines are more efficient and less noisy than two-stroke engines. Moreover, an independent system is used for lubrication, but this is a disadvantage that is also an advantage. This system requires a fuel pump or timing system. For this reason, four-strokes are heavier and more complicated


Let me now turn to the styling issue. Walkers directly translate into comfort, so you should take care of the right model. “Spacers” are nothing more than footrests mounted on motorcycles. I strongly encourage you to try several types to find the one that fits your requirements


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